The 3rd IVIg in Neurological Disease Asia Pacific Symposium (INDAPS) organised by the INDAPS Scientific Committee, was held at the Langham Hotel, Melbourne, Australia, on the 11th and 12th of November 2008.  INDAPS 2008 was a one and a half day satellite symposium to the 7th annual scientific meeting of the Asian and Oceanian Myology Center (13-14 November 2008).

You can download a copy of the INDAPS and AOMC programme.

A tradition of international symposia on IVIg was established in Interlaken in 1981. These meetings provide a unique forum for clinicians and scientists to exchange scientific data and communicate innovative uses of IVIg. INDAPS 2004, 2005, & INDAPS 2008 have continued this tradition in the Asia Pacific region.

INDAPS 2008 focused on: 

  • An update on the IVIg Consensus Statements on the Use of IVIg in Neurology
  • A practical approach to the administration of IVIg
  • Use of IVIg in autoimmune diseases of the peripheral & central nervous system
  • Providing a forum for knowledge sharing and best practice in clinical & laboratory research.

A number of internationally renowned opinion leaders in neurology presented at INDAPS 2008 including:
Professor Marinos DALAKAS (London, UK)
Professor John POLLARD (Sydney, Australia)
Professor Frank MASTAGLIA (Perth, Australia)
Associate Professor Bruce TAYLOR (Hobart, Australia)
Dr Santhi Datuk PUVANARAJAH (Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
Dr Ernie WILLOUGHBY (Auckland, New Zealand)
Dr Stephen REDDEL (Sydney, Australia)

Associate Professor Andrew J Kornberg
Chairman, INDAPS Scientific Committee





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